Contrary EP

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Soft Contact

when I woke up to this feeling
i felt soaked in my bones like I'd never planned to be lonely
i just need somebody to hear this favor for me

what's it done for me?
what's it done for me?
what's it done for me?

then i cast out all of these notions
is this the first of many years alone?
or what's to come? the soft contact?
will I compromise this indifference?

any claims to the stars
can't be taken with ours and matched with
smoke from an empty bar

what's it done for me?
what's it done for me?
what's it done for me?


you came at me like a question
built like an old LP record
when life staggered out of sight,
you came running to meet me in the mountains

the cabins down below-
they have never seen their heaven touch the trees,
their heaven touch the treetops

blindside, we never made it
blue-eyed, a favor traded
now I know my boundaries better
ever since we listened together
to a one-word rhyme, an echo and a chime

between the chimneytop and the mountain Rock
it's a crime to be sleeping
it's a crime to be sleeping through

Stay In Touch

thought you were a lost cause
caught wayward in the fray
but then a diamond bright resolution shined
and now we found our way

a criminal distraction has led you to believe
I know you've got a lot of information
hanging around your head
but that doesn't excuse this mess

this quiet town revenge allowed
parted ways on frozen ground
if there's a chance, pass on romance
leave our fate to circumstance
when I'm around, there's common ground
though you can't commit the moment I leave town
devote yourself the greatest wealth
keep your word- remember how it felt

a preacher in another life
a killer in the next
you walked too far behind for us to stay in touch

stay in touch

Rolling Hills, Rolling Eyes

for this to work, we'll carry on as strangers
through rolling hills and roaring hearts
resist the urge to fuck your way to freedom
the great unsaid will be your end

I'd like to see the falling of the leaves
yeah maybe the trees can follow
the years have passed without you even knowing
the empty frames, the art gone all wrong