By Some Great Storm

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Put It To Truth

Carry this upon my weary back
In case you cannot see, you'll know where it's at
"Dammit all to hell," I cry
I just could never find peace

I guess you know we're coping and yes, you're helping us forget
So here's a drink to hoping
Yes, yes

I can't shake the shackles
Swoon with riptides uneven
I'm out of luck, I'm out of my element
Put it to truth!

I was left here with an important note
Yet it seems unclear exactly what was wrote
History of the future printed on a tee shirt
When will I move closer to the place that I began,
drawing in the sand?


Construct A Delicate Plot

Let me know how it feels
Not a whisper, so create a commotion
Leaped upside a two-track, fit for a soundtrack

Not knowing where to go
No idea when to shine

How bitter is the sweet?
How honey the hardship of an easy success handed to you?

Let me know how it feels
Let me know how you come to place value
on the friends that you left in the dark

I just wonder how you got here


Oh Memory

You can see for yourself all the damage
planted here, stood my ground
Lifted chins up
Bullets softly overhead
Careful not to wake
I accept this challenge with an ovation

Won't go, you won't go, you won't go away

Hide away in city parks,
the unlikely spots
No one will miss us if we just don't go out,
never leave the house
Avoid another foul endured, the requisite slight
My mind searching for a new guilt
Solutions, solutions

Memory, oh memory
Memory, its toll

Scattered prospects up the coast
Every compromise a toast
Sat repeating myself over again
Fragments better in I am


Century March

When I passed by Motown it was in bloom
Without the high rise fortune, there was nothing left to lose

Chin up, young wonder!

Happened once when we were together
Trembled to the point of stutter
Take me on this century march
Has it been so long since you've had a kickstart?

Did away with expectations
Absolutely wanted none of that
Granted, I had all my hopes lined up neatly on the dash instead


Reflections Of A Gallery Janitor

We're all innocent, we're all outcasts
and you're contracted genius
and I combat my weakness as the flames climb the walls,
soundtracked to Mahler

Cast as the heroes
Lamented and admired
Holy works surround but no one's heard my call til now

Don't you wish you'd peered deeper?
Don't you wish you'd heard?
I can compete with all this hanging history
I was the first to drip, en plein air
I carved out a niche, I'll cut off all of my limbs

Then I fell in love

Now you'll remember me


Wind The Bell

Head to fire, seek out the warmth
You can't be serious,
you can't be in control of this anymore
You've asked that favor one too many times
The sunken trophy lights, what with their pride
Can't outdo your careful pantomime

Wind the bell, but no one's safe
Fall from good graces all around
Keep the climb on, but still surrounded by giants every which way

Come some one or thing and shake me free!

Wish for you I was mistaken

Come some crueler fate and break this reverie!



Things don't just stop
And I really hope you don't believe there's permanence at the top
I know I'm made of nothing but anecdotes
are something
Double-cross the sentiments that I invited
Give 'em up
It truly was an act of something, felt like lightning

Clearly, clearly we're cut from better cloth
Clearly, clearly our words have turned us soft

What monsters we crave for,
struggling to stay or be forgotten
Patterns have not left me, led me in

What monsters we crave for

If we could let the violence be forgotten
We'd slip away with heavy hearts and move on
We cast our net away but notice nothing's changed
Not enough to stay


Drawn-Out Goodbye

This plan on my mind
I've got to stop and make a peace
I will only grant 3 wishes unto my pride
In the exact conditions
Found wandering out on the roof again

So used to thinking a trick's afoot
Humbling words taught me just to stay put

I no longer have the urge to share my misery with the world
and who would listen?
It's enough to keep it contained, keep it from overtaking,
keep it from spilling forth

All I see in the world and all I fear in the world
Is matched in a girl
Unlucky the pearl who tries to match the girl

Keep in mind, your ideas don't have to die
And they might be just right


More Satellites Than Stars

A man who decides tomorrow carries the burden of follow
And I've sat a whisper away from where the words been kept
They've been stuck in my mouth all along
My god, the rites are wrong!
I thought I knew the way, the cardinal points

Don't wait for me, dear, it won't become clearer
the closer the date looms ahead of us

A lifetime repeated onstage
So common-sad, nothing is gained
We're not so far from the lake now
Yes, it's been that long

Guess it's been a while since we noticed
there's more satellites than stars in focus
And we tremble at the thought
Now that you're helpless and small,
the reward's left waiting to fall
Capture the light on the backseat in a coffee can,
the getaway van

Don't wait for me, dear, it won't become clearer
The choice to collect what I know could come nearer
And I only quote my heroes in the mirror


The Curious Weights

Call this a defeat when your weapon's made for peace
Wherever this will take me
Crystal shining clear
The future held so dear
If only I could settle down,
if only I could warn them!

The curious weights

And in a sudden flash, the world came into view
Hidden suns only we knew
But yours are no less true!
We gathered what washed ashore just sample something more
Something freer than we'd ever be
If only I could stay so sweet and not too old, and still a little beautiful

Captured, in awe
This is me enraptured and spun


Arielle the Ghost

Back to my old allies, splitting time with yellow lines
Now I've got a dream in motion and it has no home
She's travelling alone

Can you live too fast, dear?
A certain weight upon this day
Can you live too fast, dear?
We'll make with disposable truth

"To hell with that!" says Arielle the ghost
Another land I could've known
Says Arielle the ghost


Dreams of Increase

Don't feel natural here, waiting for a sea to appear
and open up this great divide, American and blue-eyed

Hey kid, look at what you did

Don't feel natural here, so I exit without a cheer
"but who's ungrateful for a home?" a wanderer did moan
Won't feel natural here, even if you were to appear
and open up this flatland tide, American and cross-eyed

Hey kid, look at what you did