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Saint Solitude
The Story
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A Crack in the Snow Mortar

Simple Horrors

follow landslides, but this one’s gonna last
battle cries lost in the static of the fight
we’ll get one more chance to make this happen

so if i hurry now, try to capture it, will i get it right?
see another way to an open plain, but i’ve got this sinking doubt
and it’s no excuse for a falling out like i thought it was
will i fall in love?

and if i can’t see you, what good is this truth?

follow landscapes, but this one’s gonna pass
the unfaithful suckered me again
and it’s cruel to ask me why
as if i could explain the simple horrors of our days

we’ll get one more chance to make this happen

i’ve got unopened plans


Anyone But Me

even if i could go back
even if it worked like that
id’ be up against a wall letting conversation fall

anyone but me could’ve seen
but i’ll get even

now that we can read the stone
the calculation’s left us with clay and bone
the combination’s wrong
the secret handshake’s gone

anyone but me could’ve seen
but i can’t even fight

shut out all the news
paint a picture with what clues?
is it any wonder how, why, or what we’re made of now?


Decided to Argue

knockin down a flower to mark the second hour
you see who’s got the power?
the girl inside the tower let down ruby hair
when the fairy tale lies, you don’t care

decided to argue

but i can see you waiver
so i can ask a favor
weren’t we just being neighbors?
the stories that i gave her and all that we’ve saved
dotted trails on the maps that we made

(a drink to all)
a drink to never knowing
(a cheers to all)
a cheers to all the strangers
(the strangers who)
who are only moving where the winds are blowing


Atomic Dust



Common Elder

shoot the fantasy down and take the daydream away
i am still awake
dirty all of the springs and dry up the lake
my eyes are open wide

and if you pass on by, keep your head
“we’re just followers of the crowd,” she said

pick at the mountaintop map and carve out the cliffsides
show us what’s beneath
and in the caramel core
we’ve all lost our way
it’s a matter of how far


Future Crimes

i spill out no designs for my peers to crucify
i gather my supplies but silence is justified
and you’ll understand just why

so where to, and with whom?
this winter is not immune to neglect and to doom
it has its own heavy swoon
and you’ll understand the wasted times
and you’ll understand future crimes

i want out from within!
what a tired story to begin
but i can’t seem to give it up

don’t let me give up on this

now that i know it’s true
we’ve all seen it through and through
the endless search for clues
you can waste a life or two just waiting for the spark to drop


Falcon Melt



Snow Mortar

strange how we walk inside these lines
never it once occurred to step outside their narrow confines
funny the way you choose your lines
happy enough to simply compromise

abandon the friends from older days
steering the ship: a captain crazed with limited ways
the talented only go so far
the manic and motivated superstar crashed the car

a crack in the snow mortar
a face that you know
a few more to go
the night of a slow murder
a face that you know
a few more to go
a crack in the snow mortar





The Incredible Escape

the incredible escape, the master crime
the father of them both has taken flight
an illusion left to chance and left to die
you can’t explain away the world

you took it all away
and rearranged the shapes
you took it all away
but someone’s counting on me today

and if only i could tell just one difference
between the days of all that confidence
and the ones that fall beneath hollow monuments
i gave it my all, ghosts and parting gifts

he knows what i like
all good things trapped in time

i took the easy way out
but i don’t know the other way out
what is left to escape?

but that won’t stop me



i’m well-fed and i’m lived in,
got a camera, got a battery
gonna walk all over
this apartment where i’m living has en engine,
i’m out the window
come crashing down

i’ve got a memory
i won the lottery
i’ve got a memory
but can i afford it?

i’ve gotta give thanks to the lights of the suburban
and the secrets of the little cities
the mountains claim the rivers and the rivers claim the gardens
gonna spill right over

the cadence and valor
the salt air in my lungs

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