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March 16, 2013 Walk the lake

Saint Strategy

Although I’ve often thought and talked about it, I think I’m just beginning to realize the importance of pushing outward.

When I listen to the songs and read the words I wrote as a teenager, I can hear this fearlessness of exploration. Granted, the end product was generally shit, but the sentiment behind it was real if only because I had no idea what I was doing. That type of innocence is difficult to recapture. From what I’ve found, one of the only ways to get it back– as fleeting as it may be– is to dive into areas you have zero experience in. Previously, I’ve been under the impression that this implies operating as a pendulum, marking one’s excursions into the dark with actual landmarks. Those spots are where you get your Metal Machine Musics and your Rite of Springs.

However, I’m noticing that these leaps are necessary so that you still just…land in the middle.

I meant that in terms of style, but maybe ‘the middle’ here is a way of determining quality too. Going to the extremes seems to me a rite of passage in maintaining some type of artistic integrity or talent. It’s going to the gym.

I was listening to Aphex Twin today. Historically, it hasn’t been my type of music. If it has a good melody, I’ll listen to anything, but Richard D. James was always more of a personality than a talent I could understand. I remember hearing tales that he owned a tank once and performed laying down onstage. Let alone that terrifying video for “Come to Daddy.” But with my recent foray into MIDI and drum mapping, I’m finding ideas in electronic music that I can relate to for the first time.

This is not my announcement to say the new Saint Solitude records will be electronic. I could never fully let go of my hands-on instruments. That being said, my mind has wandered. I’m both incapable of boredom and easily bored at the same time.

Despite all attempts from the world, I aspire to remain excited and to deny inactivity at all costs. “Momentum for the sake of momentum,” sings Neko to no one in particular.

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