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August 18, 2008 Tour thanks

The tour was a swimming success, and thank you to all who came out and supported, signed up for the mailing list, bought CDs, took pictures, let me crash on their couch, participated in deep conversation, etc…

Baltimore: Thanks to Andy for setting up the show last minute and Markitect for opening.
NYC: Goodbye Blue Monday is a place everyone should check out. The Rhodes- you boys were a lot of fun- Sabrina and the others who hung out- thanks for the good time in Brooklyn.
Easthampton: Jose, you outdid yourself. Thanks for Haunt for opening and everyone who came to the show to LISTEN. it touched me that people still do that these days. And thanks to Rick from Nine Mile for making his way out.
Boston: Chris Pond and Natan- wouldn’t have gotten by without you boys. Thanks to Trans Cardia and Soap Stars for playing.
Burlington: Villanelles you know my love. Thanks to Bridgett and Wyld Stallion for the Monkey House show and Alex for Nectar’s. I will be back soon!

Maine: I can’t express how amazing it was to play in my home again- it goes without saying that all my friends and family there are the most supportive people I know- thank you for coming out infinitely! Such great shows. Thanks to Aly for steering me in the right directions for gigs and for playing such good songs with TJ. and Ian from Slainte for being enthused about local music!

Providence: Branden thanks for reaching out and letting me stay at your place in an unfamiliar town.
D.C.: Cheers to Ranajoy for hosting me and Colin for hooking me up with the gig at Grog and Tankard- your patience is rare. Thanks to Stripmall Ballads for your funny Maine tales and supplying me with advice for next time thru, and Raspberry Campaign for bringing the people out!

Richmond: Marina you were a great host, and the gig at The Camel was indeed good luck because of Dave Watkins. Phil was gracious enough to open in short notice- and to the employees of the Camel- you’re neat.
Blacksburg: The Lantern- keep it up! You treat us musicians good and deserve the best. I will be back soon- Bitter Hill and Surefire Broadcast you were my favorites of the night. Thanks for taking pictures and I hope to meet you both again for shows this fall.


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