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August 3, 2010 Tour Blog 1: The Power of Now, or was it Then?

I’ve grown so used to touring by myself over the past few years that the prospect of this summer tour- in tow with both my rhythm section and our tourmates¬†Spouse– is truly exciting for me. Still travelling in a Saturn though! Some things never change.

Also, we have rope light this time around. It’s serious.

Old haunts and familiar sights in Raleigh and D.C., and we played in an old police/fire station in Richmond that pre-dated the civil war. Such a cool venue. It also had a giant banjo spider on the ceiling and a gargoyle overlooking the stage. Made for the best set of the tour so far. Spouse killed it too- and though JJ keeps asking me why Harry Anderson of Nightcourt was in our new video, I’ve kept him in the dark for now- just for the suspense. Maybe in Brooklyn, JJ! hahahaha…

So far we’ve managed to overuse the following words in the car to the point of utter meaninglessness and turn them into ridiculous jingles to get us through the 4-hour traffic blocs: malleable, transcendent, honky (we are but three white boys playing rock music), akimbo.

Whatever it takes to keep you sane on the road (which is sometimes insanity).

If only we had walkie talkies so that we could have heard Spouse sing Huey Lewis acapella to ward away the traffic for us (it didn’t work, but…). Those boys can sing some super harmonies- as evidenced on one of their new tracks, “No Sudden Moves”. That one’s been going through my head a lot…

We’ve sold at least one shirt to a half-naked drunk who claimed to have “a car full of sex” but could not locate his car. What a tragedy!

Got some time in on the Jersey shore with Scott’s friends, which Kevin couldn’t discern from the TV show that I thankfully have never watched. We played a great set in Philly and was sad to hear about the Khyber closing down there (I know the pain of losing your favorite rock club).

Some more beach, and then BY FAR the easiest entrance into NYC ever. No traffic, easy parking, and the Mercury Lounge proved to be the best venue I’ve ever played here. Good crowd, family around, morale high- and we almost- just almost- got on MTV. But we declined. Who watches that these days anyway…right?

Let’s hope there are more giant arachnids (the kind ones) and no parking tickets in Brooklyn tonight!


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