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May 1, 2009 Spring tour update #1

Let’s try and recap without any mention of the aforementioned tragedy, shall we? Well, this is in good humour:

Chapel Hill w/ The White Cascade @ The Cave. We had the early show so the crowd was slow to trickle in, but Veelee’s set after both of ours was charming enough to make it feel a-okay. I love me some duos!

After meandering in the ridiculous glory of 80 degree heat the next afternoon, I made my way to Arlington, VA/D.C. where I stayed with my¬†Couchsurfing friend Aaron and ate frozen yogurt made by rocket scientists. Then off to NYC which was fine until I tried to go in the Holland Tunnel and it took 2 hours of Jersey traffic- a kind reminder that I really do hate New York City. Fun to visit, but that’s about it. I can’t believe I was actually thinking of moving here.

Played at Piano’s upstairs to a decent crowd. Saw some familiar faces. Mattison closed the night with lovely Rhodes-led lounge pop. The DJ on deck must’ve not liked it as much as I did, though, because before the last song could finish ringing out, the place turned into a dance club IMMEDIATELY and we had to lug our gear through two floors of dancing drunk people. Not cool. My friend Luke and I spent the rest of the evening wandering about Brooklyn- my much preferred borough of the city.

Luke disappeared in the morning so I got a smoothie with my friend Matt and drove to my old stomping grounds in Boston. Managed to even find the nice part of Connecticut to drive through. Dinner with some family in Brookline and then to PA’s Lounge where I played a short but strong set to some receptive ears. The bartender was a bit saucy but it’s always a good sign when the booking agent for a club is actually present for your show AND is a sweetheart- such is the case with Jen Guthrie. I went off with friends and chinchillas into Jamaica Plain for the night, then returned to Somerville on Sunday to do a taping ofbandinboston, a podcast/website which Jen and her husband Andy run. I set up my gear in their living room and went at it. Was even treated to some snacks and an afternoon beer to boot. Great company and good times…

Made the scenic drive to Northampton, where I immediately ran into TJ and Ali from Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (Northampton is that small, yes). We had a lot of time to kill before the show, so we walked around and ate some food and I confirmed how much I want to live in the valley at some point. Loitered with the other bands til LLTB went on and slayed (once again, the duos reign supreme) and I followed with my best set of the tour yet. I even showed the crowd my tour hair. There were a lot of other bands that night, and I liked mostly everybody. Dame Satan’s set was particularly interesting. There’s something about the sound of California…

Stayed with my friend Jose and drove to Maine the next day. Home! Finally able to relax a bit. My Portland show was smashing as always. Everyone got pretty pissed for a Tuesday night, I was impressed.

More later…


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