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February 15, 2009 Recording a debut record, part I

So the split EP is recorded and all, we’re just waiting on all the boring stuff now- the M’s (money, materials, mixing). Meanwhile though, I’m slowly but surely recording my debut record here in my cottage in Woodfin. I’ve been assembling all the pieces to have my own mini studio for years, and it’s now in complete working order- Elvis head and all. The plan is to track everything here at my convenience, and then drive down the road to Landslide Studio, where my confidant Andrew Schatzberg will be mixing the record in April.

Though it means I’ve got to tackle some of the technical issues myself, I love having the leisure to record in what would be my living room, assuming I ever hosted. There’s nothing like midnight vocal sessions in the kitchen with a candle and some green tea- though watching “Chinatown” on mute while tracking piano at Landslide was kind of unforgettable in its own way too.

That fort-like construction? Not a result of cabin fever, actually just some experimenting with micing the bass drum. Worked alright.

Will keep you posted on the process, as well as the search for a label to release this thing come summertime!

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