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August 10, 2009 Oh, memory/the Blue Nothing (Lexington to Lake Michigan)

A fakeout- I turned Eastward, albeit momentarily, towards Lexington, KY. Insane traffic. Spurs fragmentary writing.

I’m “reading” a book on CD for the first time this trip, which has prompted me to yell at the barrage of passing semi-trailers and trucks while I turn my ear to try and hear the dialogue: “Dude! Can’t you see I’m reading here?”

Played an artspace called Chaosome (perhaps the greatest venue name ever) which was right behind Al’s Bar. Foosball had excited the young crowd. I played loud. Felt good. The Sidekicks played even louder (add to the ‘forgot to pack’ list: guitar stand, mic clip, aaaaannnnddd earplugs). Was excited to see Shane from Future Kings of Nowhere play a solo set because it seemed like he was on the path to a new chapter in his musical career- one that included quitting his job, breaking up with his girlfriend, and moving to NYC. Viva the fellow transients! Good luck, sir- feels good, doesn’t it?

Farmer’s market in the morning, and a sunny drive where I tried to figure out how to eat seeded grapes properly. Onto Terre Haute, IN, where I was welcomed with an interview for a local TV station. You can see the clip here. What a dork!

Coffeeshop and a weak dinner at Mooger’s (smelled stale and they served me a whiskey when I ordered a cape cod), then played to a noisy crowd at The Verve. Though, it might look cooler to say I played with The Verve instead of at The Verve. I can say it was a typing error if anyone catches me. Meanwhile, I’ll get passive promotion and uber-cred for opening for The Verve…

Twas a fun, late-night scene- I played as loud and uninhibited as I could, but it was still very much a bar crowd who may have been more interested in the meat market aspect of the night than the music onstage (Micha Walk who played after me, and had played there before, confirmed it). Nevertheless, met some good-natured locals and actually drank until 4am (unlike me). Funness.

Rainy drive through Indiana the next day. Discovered that I lost my ATM card. Morale was low, despite having visited Traderspoint Creamery, where my favorite yogurt in the world is made in Zionsville, IN (“I come from North Carolina to taste your yogurt”). Things were flattening out- the terrain, my mood, even any music I put on. Camping seemed unlikely for the night due to the wetness falling from the sky..

Then I pulled into a full view of Lake Michigan and all was healed. Quite instantly. I stood gazing at my faux-ocean for the next week and then took a glorious swim. I miss living near a large body of water so much to the extent where it honestly hurts my soul- but it makes for wonderful reunions too.

Rice was cooked. Peace was had.

More from the Central Time Zone soon.

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