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August 5, 2009 Driving away/DUP TO THE FUTURE

Guess it’s been a little while since I wrote. So much has happened!

To catch up, I’ve signed a deal with Alive and Well Records. They’re going to release the record officially in early 2010. Meanwhile the record is available at shows and soon online (will post links).

The show with Gray Young in Raleigh was grand. The Downtown Live show got rained out (to our delight) and all three bands killed it. Friends abound. The following day, Dan fromGray Young told me that afterwards, he had dreamt he was flying through 80s movies when a Delorean pulled up. I got out and the words DUP TO THE FUTURE appeared on the bottom of the [dream] screen. Anyone who is proficient with Photoshop: you now know what I want for Christmas.

By now I’ve started my journey out West. The Rocket Club kickoff was a success- a diverse crowd came out, and for the first time I played some of these songs with a band behind me. Truly exciting to hear them come to life! Up until now, there has been two entities to SS- the recorded side of things (bigger) and the live show (one-man). This show convinced me how much I missed having humans to play with again! You can expect a full band behind me after this tour-harmonies and all.

A rare sighting!

On Monday I drove out of the mountains to Knoxville to start my first full U.S. tour. I did a live radio performance for a full crowd through WDVX- those are always interesting because they prefer quietude to noisy effects loops. I played a new song on the keys to accommodate. Having been out to the bars the night before, I recognized a fair amount of locals, including a member of Royal Bangs. This city is much smaller than previously thought.

Proceeded to drive through a truly terrifying rainstorm into Kentucky- actually had to pull over it was so bad. Upon entering Louisville, my nerves were still a bit ramshackle, and the city itself seemed to mirror my own feelings- under a deluge, the downtown was muted. The gig at Derby City Espresso was therefore a bit sparse, but the hardwood floors and the local menagerie welcomed the songs nonetheless. Ben Traughber sounded like Crispin Glover if he was a musician (and apparently when I told him this, I found out Crispin Glover was a musician…so, I guess I gotta look into that). Played with much more confidence than the radio gig (what can I say, I like to get loud).

Louisville has a lot of bridges over its muddy river. Maybe I’m too critical of rivers being from New England, but goddammit I just want to swim in a clean, clear river. Everywhere I go in the South and Midwest has these brown rivers. And for those of you that are privy, the river I grew up on (the ‘Scroggin) is hardly an example of environmental stewardship (though it has come a ways)- but at least I can see the bottom! I digress.

Backtracking to Lexington tonight.

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