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November 16, 2013 Does it matter where it came from?

Recently, I thought it might be a good experiment/challenge to see if I could write 7 songs in 7 days. It wasn’t for lack of new material to work with – I’m overwhelmed already – but more just to see if I could do it without repeating or hating myself.

Thought the idea had been in my head, its timing wasn’t planned. It started out unexpectedly, with 2 songs in 2 days coming out. Then I just decided to run with it.

For the first few days, all I needed was to place my hands on a guitar and spit out something quickly, and I’d have enough of a progression to work with – no second chances, just working with the first thing that came to mind. Some of the melodies that came out of this method were surprisingly catchy, and it dawned on me how random the writing process can be.

I found myself sticking to the tried-and-true guitar-with-vocal-accompaniment method for the most part, forcing myself to finish those bridges and endings right there and then – the ones that I so often procrastinate on. I tried a few new approaches with MIDI drums and instrumentals on the nights where it seemed I was abusing the muse.

All in all, I’d say I now have 3-4 songs of relatively decent quality to work with. More importantly, perhaps, I worked through some of those uncomfortable wrinkles and growing pains that can easily accompany the “in-between” songs. In a way, it was a means of fast-forwarding beyond the mediocre. A week after the experiment I wrote one of the most simple and gratifying songs I’ve written in years, in only 10 minutes. It otherwise would’ve taken me months to reach that point!

That being said, I have that many more songs to wade through for the next record…

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