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November 12, 2012 Defeats the dark

photo: Colleen Heslin/Hidden Spectrum

photo: Colleen Heslin/Hidden Spectrum

I like the fact that sometimes the idea of songwriting is enough to inspire me to continue doing it. I don’t even have to consider the instruments or my (in)ability to play them. By all means, music is my greatest confidant and my preferred prism through which to view the world. However, sitting down on the drum set or picking up a pen doesn’t always produce anything worth remembering. Though every musician struggles with one’s own technical abilities, I feel pretty happy knowing that, if nothing else, my mental motivation is, at present, alive and kicking. My hands and my feet and my throat follow my brain. I wrote an entire paragraph to come to that decision. Words…

I was walking home this evening in the wind and the rain, in what could generally be an uncomfortable experience for anyone (though it was admittedly my own fault for ignoring the forecast). Spacemen 3 were playing on my iPod. Surprisingly, the scene lifted my spirits.

I started dreaming of writing a song with no drums- just a tremolo guitar and some auctioneer-ish vocals. It was nothing new, nothing revolutionary. But I couldn’t recall if I had ever tried it myself. This was good enough reason for me to set out to do it. It could be one more colour to uncover in a spectrum only merely hinted at beneath a vast surface of inactivity. This is why I create, and why I think everyone should. To paraphrase Nick Cave, it is to resist the mundanity of the world . It is a shield. To this end, songwriting will never cease to be a beacon to me. I hope to never bore of it. I have ample faith that I will never exhaust its many tunnels and tentacles, as hard as I may try.

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