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September 28, 2011 Art of Fandom

Even I’ll say, this new SS record is the first time that the influence of my favorite band has begun to show itself through my music. While there has never been a songwriter that has inspired me more than Billy Corgan, it is rather curious that it took 14 years for some of those signature Smashing Pumpkins sounds to find a way into my music. I would argue that they are a difficult band to replicate, for one- even if you’re trying (which I’m not, the rest of my songs will attest), or maybe it’s because I didn’t own a Big Muff until I was 23.

The reason I even bring them up is because I still follow their every move and often think of my level of loyalty to the band as an indicator of my loyalties to other aspects of my life. Remember the John Waters movie Pecker? There was a line by the narrator: “Life is nothing if you’re not obsessed”- I took that line kinda seriously when I was a teenager. You can find evidence in this by looking at this archived SP fan page that I came across recently. Note the name of the first contributor…yup. I was probably 13 when I wrote some of these.

To think that I would spend my free time listening so intently to songs as to pick out studio noises (not to mention the pondering of what those noises were) is so ridiculous to me now as an adult but it does make me nostalgic for those simpler times. I can hardly find an hour to listen to a full record these days; my time is increasingly fragmented. I hope to have the time again someday to push myself deeper into whatever obsessions or infatuations I may stumble into later in life.

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