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January 8, 2015 Around the bend, and a new collection of songs

A summer in Maine really does put a stop to indoor activities like music. I was close to completing a new set of songs back in April…and then I got a kayak and went a-splorin’. It wasn’t until October, when I conquered the last 33 miles of the Allagash River I was ready to finish what I started. Now it’s winter and the time has come!

Ideas for albums pass through me so quickly when I’m not bogged down by gigging. An acoustic EP? That Christmas record I’ve wanted to make since my youth? I’ve also been toying with doing a compendium of songs from all the “failed” bands (the ones that lasted 6-12 months) I’ve been in since 2011 as a way of both honoring and burying some of the abandoned songs that never saw the light of day because of bad chemistry, laziness, apathy, insanity, logistics, etc. I hate when a good song goes unrecorded. Or a good riff unfinished, for that matter.

And then there are those instrumentals I’ve been talking about.

Creative wandering aside, I also had the pleasure of playing with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper for much of 2014 which took us from Maine to Washington. Those shows will go down as some of my fondest gigging memories to date.

All that to say, I have a new collection of instrumental songs to share very shortly called Flux Camoufleurs, Vol. I. It’s a view into the noises between the songs I’ve been writing recently, and they heavily feature loops like those that formed the early touring days of Saint Solitude. A bit of my roots, exposed, and plenty of looking forward. Experimenting abound. The devils in the details will show themselves ‘fore January is out. Hope you’ll be there to receive.

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