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February 24, 2015 emblemiTunes link

Flux Camoufleurs, Volume I is now available for purchase on iTunes. Hurrah!

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February 10, 2015 emblemFlux Camoufleurs out now!

The new album Flux Camoufleurs, Volume I is out now! Go get yourself a copy at Bandcamp (for free) or CDBaby (for those who know that good music deserves a modest investment!)

And if you love it, share it! Request it on your local radio station, even!

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February 3, 2015 emblemNew album Flux Camoufleurs available February 10th, 2015

Saint Solitude’s first collection of instrumentals, Flux Camoufleurs, Volume I, will be released February 10th, 2015 via online distributors Bandcamp, iTunes, and CDBaby.

Flux cover While on its surface it bears little resemblance to the technicolor pop of earlier SS records, Dup Crosson’s longstanding love of loops persists here in brief, cathartic bursts. Perhaps for the first time in this project’s history, tension wins wholeheartedly over resolution in tracks like “Roma” and “The More You Leave Open.” The insurrection is suggested but not yet deployed.

Elsewhere, there are forays into Spanish-style classical guitar (“Grenada”), samples, Ennio Morricone-style cowboy whistles (“Didn’t Do Enough To Save Him”), an instrument that sounds like a flock of birds, and the closest thing you’ll ever hear to a beatbox in an SS song (“No Doom”).

One song, “Imaginary Inhabitants,” was written for a short film of the same name by Crosson’s friend and bandmate Dan Trefethen. The collaboration helped initiate a series of tracks inspired by film.

“I’ve always been a movie junkie,” Crosson says. “It’s common practice for me to record with a muted movie on in the background. Images offer a completely different palette for inspiration. They have their own rhythms too. It’s long been a goal of mine to write a score, contribute to a soundtrack, or even write a commercial jingle–anything where visual cues act as the starting point.”

The tracklisting is:


1. Reclamation Trials

2. Hung Up, Then

3. No Doom

4. Close Proximity

5. Imaginary Inhabitants

6. Marble Class

7. Roma

8. Toppling

9. Waxwing

10. Grenada

11. Didn’t Do Enough To Save Him

12. Merkurios

13. The More You Leave Open

14. Imaginary Inhabitants (stylophone version)



Stay tuned for more details!

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