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February 2, 2013 emblemSonelab

Sonelab tape

I write today from the hills of Western Massachusetts, where I’ve been recording the first bits of new Saint Solitude material. At the referral of several trusted friends and top-notch musicians, I’ve surrendered my aural fate to the mastery of Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab in Easthampton- only one warehouse away from where I played my first show in this area 4 years ago. It was evident from the first hour of setting up the drums that Mark knows what he is doing behind the board. My drums have never sounded finer- and as evidenced in the picture above, I have ecstatically returned to recording on analog tape. This is the first time I’ve worked the reel-to-reels, and the results made all of us giddy. Tape just makes things sound so natural, it makes me wonder why I didn’t insist on it in the past.

The excitement of all these new things- the studio, the people, the angles, the mics, the ideas, the tones- has been truly refreshing. It feels like a line in the sand is being drawn between my old records and these new ones. I’m already ready to share them and I’ve only just started…but I promise to make them available as quickly as possible.

Got a lot done on our first day- more than expected- so tomorrow should be even easier than anticipated. A few more drum tracks to go, then we move on to piano. Finally, I’ve got a full upright to use. No more fake keyboard piano!  More pictures to come. Cue the ballads and rouse the sad songs, for as many rowdy tunes as there are in this bunch, I’ve got some sweet ones to break up the riot too…

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