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July 24, 2012 emblemWhere I’ve landed

Despite so many attempts over the years, I wasn’t able to tear myself away from Asheville permanently until last week. I made the drive with my cat, Casco, up the coast, back to homeland of Maine. With the move comes a lot of unknowns- job, studio space, whether or not I REALLY missed the Northern winters- but also a lot of opportunity for change and new experiences in a part of the world I feel very at home in.

I’ve been working furiously on a bunch of new songs and ideas for the past 2 months, getting the kinks worked out at my new studio and still slowly replacing some of my stolen equipment. I left Asheville with more songs in my pocket than ever before. There is so much to work on! Many of them are still a ways away from being heard by the general public, but I seem to have a theme going of doing 180s mid-song these days. Just when you think the ballad is going to go one direction, it goes another- etc. I have an idea of releasing a free EP in the near future if I can get settled here quick enough and choose a cohesive set of songs.

Cohesion may be the trick this time around, since I seem to be working on different sounds every six months or so. Late last year I was doing a lot of groove-oriented instrumentals, which felt completely fresh, and I’d like to pursue that while I learn MIDI technology. But but but, the big rock choruses will always hold sway with me, I think, and there are plenty of those coming back around as well in the more recent past. Melody is hard to give up.

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