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December 10, 2011 emblemNew reviews, WNCW Local Color

Bold Life declares Saint Solitude “unlike any other band of the genre” and Shuffle Magazine calls By Some Great Storm “stadium-huge.” Look for copies of Bold Life in Western North Carolina and Shuffle all around the Carolinas.

Recently, the band also sat down with Laura Blackley from WNCW to perform and talk about several songs from BSGS. It should be airing in mid-January.

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December 2, 2011 emblemWe are all amateur cyber-archivists

I easily forget how much a year can date you on the internet.

While making By Some Great Storm, I tried my best to stay off the internet as much as I could. To some degree it was easy because I didn’t have to keep up with the never-ending task of booking and promotion for the band. Now that the web has sunk its teeth back in me though (hey, our new album is out!), I sit here in awe of how bands ever got anywhere using some of the old tools of band networking- specifically, Myspace.

The last tour I used Myspace for was in 2009, when I went to California and back for 3 months solo. Even before then, I remember talking to fellow musicians (the only people still using the site at that point) and specifically, Ken from the Rocket Club (R.I.P.) about its imminent demise. Facebook had rightfully taken over that world, and that was that. Bands could either choose to switch over (though you may have noticed Facebook isn’t so band friendly) or focus on building your own site that much more (like mine, or my friends Birds and Arrows‘). Instead of lamenting our loss, I figured it would help each one of us design our own site to our particular needs and flourishes. Man, maybe we could even have fun at it!

Myspace these days has become an internet ghost town, which is way different from a real ghost town because you might actually want to visit those. They retain historical value and the spirits are supposedly metaphysical, rather than the GIFs and ads for escorts and pharmaceuticals that breed all over Myspace now. I dare you to skip around the site today and not be blasted by adware from EVERY SINGLE ANGLE. It’s a minefield in there! Medals awarded to any Windows browser or computer that avoids being frozen after 5 minutes on the site. Trophies to those individuals who don’t crack their head on the screen due to frustration at its impressive inefficiencies.

If hackers had tried to make Myspace dysfunctional, they couldn’t have done a better job than what Tom and the Myspace people have done. Seriously, they deserve a round of applause for how terrible they have made it. Bravo!

Fellow bands can commiserate or nod in agreement, yes, but we still have to sign on once or twice a year to update an email address or let the spyware population know we have a new record out, and that yes, it’s worth buying. And I’m sure once (not if, once) Facebook falls and the next new thing comes around, we’ll look back at it in embarassment at all the wasted hours we spent on it.

I’m gonna go outside now.


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