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May 18, 2011 emblemNo longer just a studio rat

Happy to say I’ve got the new album all mixed and mastered (!!!), thus marking the end of my glorious break from live gigs. It was nice to revel in the write-play-record-write cycle for 8 months and not worry about shows, but now I’m aching to play these new songs to new ears.

Now I’ve got to decide on some artwork (any good doodlers out there? can you make cartoon explosions?) and find some new faces for the live band. I’m not ruling out the possibility of some familiar faces re-appearing onstage with SS this year.

And I have about 4 new pedals to show off, too. Better get a haircut so I’m a bit more presentable.

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May 14, 2011 emblemBandcamp!

The entire Saint Solitude catalog is now available via the phenomenal Bandcamp. There, you can buy physical and digital copies of all the SS releases, from 2008’s Disaster Stories EP to the most recent single, "Deliverance." Search around and there’s some free stuff as well.

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