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March 21, 2011 emblemYe olde soundtrack

If the Internet is my landfill, then I confess I am an occasional trash scavenger. A dumpster diver. It’s an addiction that I feel I’m finally getting a hold on at age 26. Today I found this little reminder of calendar year 2009.

I worked on the soundtrack to this short film with some friends, as a part of the 48-Hour Film Festival that I often find myself involved with. Though it wasn’t featured in the final version, we had one of those fantastic singular events of musical life as we spent a half hour trying to recreate a character getting hit in the head with a baseball (as requested by the director). We had a storage space full of instruments to help us with this task, but I think it was blunt objects pitted against a Telecaster that crafted the final product. Due to a lost hard drive, the full soundtrack is gone, and now the only evidence of this day exists here:

Everything Comes ‘Round from Jack Ramshaw on Vimeo.

Still haven’t found a copy of the film “Dry Fly” from the 2008 festival, though. That one was my favorite, though a bit melancholy. Maybe you have it, somewhere?

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March 13, 2011 emblemStudio progress report (with music boxes!)

hey all,

Enter month 6 of the studio. I know it’s not that long of a time for one person to record 16 songs, but it’s about twice the time I spent making Journal of Retreat, so I can’t help but feel like I’m either getting slower or more discerning. Hopefully the latter.

Somehow, though, it seems as if Andrew and I are in the last week of recording. All we have left to do is construct a fictitious speech, add the inevitable layers of tambourine and various percussions, and get a group of friends together to do a singalong on “More Satellites Than Stars.”

I’m learning to sit with songs for longer than I usually do before I deem them complete. I forget how fun it can be to be patient, and let a song blossom for weeks, or even months in this case, only to find there are so many little decorations (colors, as Andrew calls them) left to expand upon. I’m beginning to understand why sometimes it takes years to make a record. Thankfully, you’ll have this one in your hands before the year is out.

Recently, we’ve been constructing houses for music boxes:

will write soon from the mixing board!


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