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April 23, 2009 emblemSome unfortunate tour news

hi friends

Unfortunately my first tour news to report is that my car window was smashed in last night after a terrific gig at The Cave…thankfully no musical equipment was stolen, but the theives made away with a lot of my personal belongings- inlcuding all my clothes, many personal CDs, a sleeping bag, cell phone charger, an extremely expensive medical aid, and 90% of the Saint Solitude CDs I had to sell- including the 80 handmade EPs that I had made up just for the tour 2 nights ago.

While I’m grateful that I still have my instruments- my true livelihood- intact, I now have almost no merchandise to sell on this 2-week tour (one of my only means of making money, as you probably know) and I have a 250+ bill to pay for the broken window.

I’m asking for your help now. I’ve set a donation account on my Paypal account. If you can spare a few dollars here, 50 cents there, it would really help me get back on my feet- considering I’ve got to buy back a lot of essentials and my insurance is not going to cover the lost items. The link is below.

What’s ironic is that I was just talking to Andy from the Future of Music Coalition last night about my need for renter’s insurance…

Please help if you’re a friend, a casual fan, someone who knows how much it sucks to get your stuff stolen, or those who know the rigors of the road.

Thank you for your support and love…see you in NYC


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April 22, 2009 emblemRecording a debut record, part III/SPRING TOUR

As of today, basic tracking for the record is finished! Now it’s Andrew’s job at Landslide to make it sound all pretty…

The tour starts today…come out and support!

APRIL 22ND: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave (7:30pm w/ the White Cascade)
APRIL 24TH: New York, NY @ Pianos (7:00pm w/ Mattison, Equestrian)
APRIL 25TH: Somerville, MA @ PA’s Lounge (9:00pm w/ Wesley Jeremiah, Faces on Film)
APRIL 26TH: Northampton, MA @ The Elevens (9:00pm w/ Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Sore Eros, Dame Satan, and Trials + Tribulations)
APRIL 28TH: Portland, ME @ Slainte (9:00pm w/ Jesse Pilgrim)
MAY 1ST: Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean (10:00pm w/ Villanelles and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)
MAY 2ND: Danbury, CT @ Cousin Larry’s (9:00pm w/ The Spanish Channel and Mystic Underground)
MAY 3RD: Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber (9:00pm w/ Jamie Harrison and TBA)
MAY 4TH: Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks (8:00pm w/ Lo-Fi Lion and Vindell)
MAY 5TH: Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree Records (8:00pm w/ TBA)
MAY 7TH: Asheville, NC @ The Rocket Club (9:30pm w/ Bowerbirds and La Strada!)

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April 12, 2009 emblemRecording a debut record, part II

I’m down to the final week of tracking. Things are moving along nicely…

Yesterday my friend Billy Jack (of Man in the Shower, Ba Man Bia, and others) came to Woodfin to lay down some cello for “Dodger”. I had never recorded the instrument before- though it’s always been my dream to play it- so I half-expected some tonal nightmares, but 10 tracks later we got a very lush arrangement. I’ve never heard one of my songs be transformed so immediately. Amazing what those orchestral instruments can do do a rock song.

My friend Simon Goldberg (from just about every Asheville band you can think of) also laid down some trumpet last month. Sweet.

I think the lyrical themes are beginning to unite for this collection…I’m finding that although these songs were written anywhere from 5 years ago (“Car Crash Headline”) to this year (“The Afterlife is A Slideshow”), there is something tying them  all together.

I’ve been inspired to make some tools. The box that my amp came in is now serving double duty as my kitchen table and as a bass drum.

Have I forgotten to say how great the tambourine is?


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April 4, 2009 emblemFlocking Disaster music video

After much deliberation and delay, the official music video for “Flocking Disaster” is finally finished. Watch it below!

Thank you to Gavin Hart for his direction and Ben Jackson for the strange engineering feats that unfold before your eyes. If you have any questions about what the hell that thing is, you can find out more information about the T.A.R.D.I.S here and here .


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