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January 18, 2009 emblemAll songs will now be free to download!

This weekend was POPAsheville, the only truly great rock festival of the year in the region. This year was the best it’s ever been. Heypenny from Nashville floored me with their energy, La Zoom shuttled everyone around in a big purple bus, and the mood was jubilant through all the workshops and shows. An amazing time, with so much talent bouncing off the walls. I was bummed I couldn’t be a part (no solo artists…) but my amp’s in the shop anyways…
This afternoon, as I sat listening to the keynote speaker Dave Allen (of Gang of Four) talk about the future of the music industry, I decided it was time for some changes.

From now on, all Saint Solitude songs will be free to download. I’ve seen a lot of artists taking the pro bono route over the past 2 years and have been hesitant of doing it myself only because I’ve been unknowingly clinging to an ancient archetype for an industry that is rapidly evolving. Ultimately, I seek a broad audience, and that audience demands free music. Now you’ve got it.

I will continue to be selling CDs at shows, in stores, and online- and that includes the forthcoming split EP w/ Charles Martel- from which I just posted a new song, “TOSABESATOCH” (pronounced “toe-sa-bess-ah-totch”). Drew and I are finishing that up and will be posting the details of release very soon.

Much more big news to come soon. Thank you for listening!!!

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January 11, 2009 emblemChristmas tour blog 3: Descending/revolving/returning

My final days in Maine were peaceful. I got my Head Rush fixed, thanks to Steve, and made my way down to Providence, RI. I played at a place named Tazza, a tastefully-lit downtown restaurant/bar with a really cool illuminated bar. Ted Adams opened the night but unfortunately had some equipment problems and had to cut his set short (I know the feeling). My set was celebratory since all my equipment was back to working order- my enthusiasm came off in the loops, for sure. Spanish Dancer ended the night with an unexpected dose of energy- they set the room alight and were good folks too. Started snowing on my way out, when I discovered a pair of boxers that were not mine had been placed inside the back of my amp. Unknown origin. Observe confused but appreciative reaction here:

My Couchsurfing hosts Randy and Matthew were exceptional. Randy even gave me a pair of his pants. Pretty cool. 3 hours of sleep followed.

Long drive to D.C. the next day, making phone calls the whole way to kill time. Stayed alert all day somehow, and pulled into D.C. with a spare hour or two. Took a nap at a rest stop then parked myself at a coffeeshop and checked my e-mail while an open mic unveiled itself around me. One chick was pretty pissed off. Other people were laughing…

After I unloaded for the Velvet Lounge show, I proceeded to bust my passenger side front tire on a curb. Every time I get a flat there’s always someone around who knows more than me about it, so I’ve always been spared doing the whole process myself. This time was no exception, as a gentleman named Jerry entered my life at just the right time and helped me out enormously by putting my spare on. Many good wishes to you and yours, Jerry.The show afterwards was a great success, all the bands were fantastic- Pree was a myspace favorite of mine for the past few months, it was great to finally hear May and co. live. Very subtle, beautiful stuff. And Me and Marfa both put on great sets too- at times epic!

Got some veggie chili at the famous Ben’s Chili down the street and crossed the bridge to Arlington, where I couchsurfed with Aaron for the night. A terrific view from the 15th floor woke me up quite early the next morning. Got my tire replaced as I ate breakfast and then hit the road for 10 more hours on my way home to Asheville, via a pit stop in Charlotte to drop my (still) broken amp off. Hopefully the next time you see me I will have a new amp.

2900+ miles later, I was in the green and needed some rest.

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