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September 30, 2008 emblem“Cinema in Life”

Show yourself on an altar
Show yourself at a station
The people that you loved the worst
could never dream of your horror

Until they find a way,
your words get in the way

You’re dropping hints to idiots who haven’t got a clue
We’ll decide when you’re not around
These times they call for history, but all we’ve got is…

Find yourself in a schoolyard
You hid yourself in your pictures
but cinema in life is real
The photograph, it is living

It moves at half the speed

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September 13, 2008 emblemAutumnal plans

Hello blog readers! News is abound.

I’m taking the next month off from shows to focus on several things…1 being how the hell I’m going to record a full album in the next 9 months (finances often force compromises, as we all know). Also, I’m booking for the next tour in late December/early January, shooting a video for “Flocking Disaster” with my friend Jack Ramshaw, getting my equipment fixed, traded, and made more efficient, working on the website/mailing list, and reaching out- as always- for help with booking, promotion, and distribution.

Wouldn’t mind finding a band to play drums in, either.

So if you don’t hear from me for the next little while, it’s certainly not due to inactivity- that’s never been a valid excuse for me.


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September 9, 2008 emblemDrone Valley 08

A loving but stern reminder that the second annual Drone Valley festival is starting this Thursday at The Rocket Club in West Asheville at 8pm!! It will then spread to The Garage, Caffiend, and the New French Bar for Friday and Saturday. I’ve met and heard a lot of these bands and it’s truly some of the greatest live music I’ve heard in a while. For instance:

I’m playing Thursday for the iniation! Come and see some of my new tricks. Percussion!
It will also be my only show for the next month or two.

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